Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The highlight of the post: The Food and not my Bruised Knees

Just finished my first set of assignments and before I begin with another one (more headaches to come), I shall take a break by posting about the Penang trip.

First, an accident happened the night before the trip.

I fell on my two knees. They hurt so bad for seconds. Then nothingness. This was snapped after one day of the fall.

On the third day. It spreads like the map of Asia.

Just now. Got some yellow patches here and there. Rivers, perhaps?

Okay. Enough of pictures of my bruises. Let's move on to happier things. Food again!

We had a great time dining in the hotel at Sandy Bay Paradise. It was raining so heavily and we were freezing when we stepped into the dining place. Had to ask the waiter to switch off the air conditioner and we felt so much better.

Pudding with a grape on it.


More pudding. The chef loves to make loads of puddings.

And cakes for the guests. I need insulin if I finish the desserts on the buffet line.

Crabs! Sumptious!

Grilled lamb with mint sauce

The next day: PRANGIN MALL

Mi Goreng. Forgot to snap a picture of my laksa. Gone into my stomach so much sooner than the lens.

Saw this cute mannequin in one of the shops. So cute. Smooch!!

P.S. Took Crystle to see the vet this morning since her balding problem got more serious. She is on drugs for now. I pray that her fur will grow fast.

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