Tuesday, November 03, 2009

English Cuisine at Keris Cafe

I had the most awesome lunch today. It's not to say it's the best food I have ever had but it's the best because firstly, my friends (Nick and Bih Tong) were the chefs who prepared the food + Dixon who was the server of the day and secondly, the meal only cost RM8!

Wah, crazy ah... what kind of meal so expensive??

I know some of you might think I am cuckoo but let me explain. First, let me introduce the Street View from where we (Rooney, Patricia and I) sat.

Can see the Keris' Travel and Tour signboard so clearly. Nice view right? This already gives you a hint of where the cafe with the RM8 meal was.

Let's zoom in nearer.

The table setting for the day. Not exactly silverware but who cares about the material of which the cutlery is made of when the food tasted fabulous? Stainless steel is enough to aid the food into our mouth and then to our hungry stomachs.

First up on the menu: Mixed Fruit Smoothies

Comprised of honey dew, apples and some other fruits I could not identify. Maybe there were only two types of fruits but it is definitely thirst-quenching.

The butter for the bread

Hot bun to appease our hunger while waiting for the courses to be served. I loved it.

Soup of the day: Cream of potatoes soup with sweet bread

I didn't know the bread was meant to be for the soup so I finished up the bread prior to the arrival of the soup. I should have read the menu properly to eat properly. But the soup tasted great without the bread. At this point, I was beginning to feel full.

Very much awaited main course since last week when I got to know about the set lunch: (Remember to take a deep breath and say the name of the course with me coz it's one heck of a long one)

Roasted herb glazed chicken served with creamy brown sauce accompanied with fries and green peas

I give 5-star rating for this one. I dare say this is better than Kenny Rogers. So what is the secret of roasting such a delicious chicken? Nick told me they used honey. Brush the honey all over the chicken before sending them into the oven, I think.

Last course before we headed back to college for lecture: Strawberry Triffle

I took a scoop of the top layer of the cream and found it tasteless. The idea is to mix the content until all you can see was something that looks yucky but became more and more flavourful. I am not a great fan of desserts so I did not quite like it. But I did finish it.

Tea to cleanse the palate after the meal. Feeling contented.

The pictures are of inferior quality but I still want to compile them as a gratitude to Nick, Bih Tong and also Dixon for inviting us over to try their English cuisine. Well done to the both of you. I know there were glitches between the service and kitchen section but nobody is perfect. At least everyone was served and they left the cafe with a smiling face (I don't know about the rest but I definitely left happy). ♥♥♥

Kenny Rogers needs to be afraid right now. Wahahaahahaha!!!

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~eRiC~ said...

i never like kenny rogers... too dry ler the chicken, though it's healthy.. haha

Fiona said...

@ eric: healthy meh? i feel kenny rogers very fattening. hahaha..