Thursday, November 19, 2009

God's peace within me

Woke up early this morning and it's amazing that I could stand not sleeping in the afternoon when I came back from classes. I could not believe it myself.

The visit to the Golf Club was cancelled because the management rejected our application with the reason they were afraid that the golf balls would hit the students. Can they give any lousier excuse than this? This should be listed in the Book of Funniest Excuses Ever, or the BOFEE book for short.

(If there is no such book, it's time I start hunting for more funny answers and compile them into one. It might become a bestseller.)

Next event for Hosteurs Club: Teluk Batik day trip. Never been there before and I am sort of looking forward to it. My schedule is so packed for the month of December.

Now resume watching TVB 42nd anniversary programme LIVE on Wah Lai Toi. So happy that they have decided to let us watch for free instead of airing it over Astro On Demand channels. :D :D :D

Gonna watch A Christmas Carol tomorrow morning! Hope we could get good seats which we most probably could since we will be early birds!

P.S. What a relaxing semester this is. I haven't started revising. I should be worried but I am not. The Lord is good all the time. His peace is everlasting and dwells in everyone who trusts in Him.

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Lynnelle said...

Good movie! :)