Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Going Italian

I had another set lunch today at Keris Cafe. This time, we were served Italian cuisine. The menu was the same as the last time - earlier this year (sadly, I did not blog about it). Compared to the last time, the food tasted better this time. Why? Probably I was being biased because my friends were the cooks. :P

Appetizer: Lemoncello

Delicious. A thirst-quenching drink. I wonder why their appetizers are always liquid?

Bread and butter. The usuals.

Soup: Minestrone

Too watery but still edible.

Main: Chicken lasagne

Burger-like lasagne with stir-fried long beans and potatoes as side dishes.

Dessert: Meringue nest with fruits

I don't understand why the dessert pictures that I snap were always blur. The strawberry truffle picture that I snapped before this was blur as well. Sigh.

I was too lazy to compile a picture of all the food today so I should end it here.

Later today.....

There was fogging in my area and Crystle was allowed into the house for a while. Actually, quite a while. The fogging lasted for almost half an hour. I think the dengue fever rate is getting really high that they have to spray so many rounds. Scary.

Crystle was bullied!!! Karate-kicked by Eunice. Hehehe...

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