Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Becoming westerners for one day

I went western today. Ate the same English cuisine at Keris Cafe in the afternoon and the appetizer and the dessert have improved in terms of appearance and taste respectively. The food today was prepared by a different group of students. It's Dixon's group. Nick was the manager for the day and Bih Tong was the server.

Too bad Ju Dee missed it because she was at the vet as Cashie's sick. Hope Cashie gets well soon. Tell her not to bite her leg till bleed again, okay?

Mixed fruit smoothies. Compare it with the last time. The coloured sugar is a better garnishing than the 'W' at the rim of the glass.

This is what's for dinner.

Fusili with tomato gravy. Gravy cooked by Wei See. Thanks, girl! It's delicious.

We ate till so full that we could not finish the fusili. There's still some leftover in the fridge. I wonder what we can do with it. Maybe whip out a pasta salad out of it?

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