Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Diary

This post came up a week late because, well, you already know the reason. Procrastination has been my good friend and it is very difficult to get away from it.

On the 14th December, Eunice came to Penang for a short trip and we watched Happy Feet 2 in 3D! Her trip was a very adventurous one and you can read all about it here.

Us with the poster after the movie. It was worth watching because one, the ticket price was cheap and second, the graphics were great.

Then we went for Japanese food at the basement called the Sushi Bar.

Our bento set. Unagi bento and garlic chicken bento.

As I had to work that night, we had to leave and no time to window shop further. Let's skip to Day 2.

I came back from work and slept for about 2 hours then off we went for breakfast (maggi goreng) at Khaleel. Our first itinerary of the day was to Air Itam for some batik shorts shopping then to Prangin for more shopping.

Of course, when we have walked too long, the thirst attacked us.

This was where we had our drinks, a place called Oasis. Red Volcano and Mango Tango.

Remember the previous night we could not do shopping at Gurney Plaza? We went back there and did more shopping there.

Dinner at Bar.B.Q. Plaza. This has become my favourite dining place.

Grill, grill, grill...

Our matching shoes for the day.

A matching bean bag! Anyone wants to get this for me for Christmas?

20 December 2011: Present Exchange Celebration

The RSR family at back office.

Another shot.

Thanks for the enjoyable time. The food were great too. Curry puffs overload!

The tiny Christmas tree flooded with presents.

When I got home three days ago, I saw that the condo has got the festive mood up too.

Skinny Christmas tree

With a flattened Santa on the glass.

It feels great to be home for Christmas although we didn't go out much except for church and a gathering at a friend's place. I still enjoyed it very much.

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