Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free from the clutches of EXAM!

Finally, the exam is over! Hip hip hooray! The papers were... I am speechless. I came home dizzy so you can imagine how bad it was. No hope for scoring well now. =(

I shall keep my promise in posting this delayed post on what we had for lunch on the 20th April. We only paid RM15 for everything! The ala carte voucher is better than the dinner vouchers.

Lamb Shank (RM29,90) with free flow of Coke

Chicken Lasagna (RM17.90)

Baby back beef (RM48.90)

Seafood Lasagna (RM19.90)

I am not addicted to Facebook! It's just Restaurant City. Whoever invented this, you RUIN my life! I think I am going to get RC-titis.

Still in the process to turn everyone I know into my chefs and waiters and cleaners. I want more workers!!

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khairul said...

so... enticing... the... food..

i dun think u can get me to work at your place...