Friday, July 01, 2005

getting worried..

it's july now..the day is getting nearer..there's only 2 months left for me to prepare for trial there was a career talk in school and i found it really informative..however, the variety of jobs introduced by the speaker did not interest me..i have my own dream and i will pursue nothing else but it..only that career will make me feel comfortable (i hope)..i am not too sure whether i'll be happy but i know i will try my best in order to achieve this ambition..

now for the time being, i can feel the pressure to study increasing..just like in a pressure cooker..imagine that my life is being cooked..frankly speaking, i am going through a hard time..i am feeling worried but i can't help imagining the future and the picture of failing to get the results i always wanted..

today is open day in was indeed a relief that teacher didn't comment much about the meeting took less than five minutes..anyway, i was just glad that it was over really quick..

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