Saturday, December 25, 2004

it's over..

it has come to an end for the year..i just can't wait for another year to celebrate it again..well, i can do absolutely nothing about it..forced to wait till next year..after i wish i can have christmas every day..then i no longer have to worry and lament over it when it is nearing 12 midnight of the 26 joy for the day had come to an i have to face the reality that a new year is awaiting right ahead of exactly a week's time..i want to go and watch a movie before school reopens..but i am scared..i don't know why..scared of everything..i just can't bear to see the time slipping away when i am doing nothing beneficial..duyun, i told you i can't keep it long..just can't find the mood to write a this is short entry for today..

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