Sunday, October 31, 2004

no happenings..

nothing much happened today..not a busy day because i can afford to sleep all was just so nice being able to laze around at home doing nothing..this is how life should be!! in our own comfort zone..can you imagine, just like living in a world filled with fantasy and no worries at all because all we need to do is live happily ever a fairytale..

it was kind of bored today as i did not dream when i took my showed that nothing really interest me today..normally i will dream about events if i take my afternoon naps on interesting days..thanks to someone who helped to enlighten my boredom..pui yun!!she kept on giving me missed calls..even when i was in dreamland (of course she didn't know that..)..luckily i am someone who is not alert and not easily disturbed by the ring..otherwise..she will be in deep trouble!! i will just ring her up and scold her for waking me won't do that of course..i am pretty good-natured..what i did was, i replied her missed calls by doing the same to her..but i think she gave up in the end because she did not reply back at last..haha...

however..sad events do happen on such boring day like discus fish died..died under the merciless can even say it was roasted to death..well, how it happened?? some of my goldfish were seriously ill and the unknown disease also known as the "penyakit selaput mata" which name was invented by my mother was transmitted to the "late discus", my mother transfered the sick fishes to another container with all the medication needed in it to cure them and put them under the sun..we didn't know that discus could not stand the hot sun because it was moving actively in the container when it was exposed to the direct sunlight in the balcony..we thought it was happy being able to see the sunlight..actually the fact was was struggling to get rid of the heat (we didn't know it until it died..) sad..fortunately the rest of the fishes survived and they are now back in the aquarium..but i still feel the loss of the discus as it was getting friendlier to us now compared to the very first time we bought it when all it did was to hide at the corner of the aquarium..i can't regret now because it is gone..i just hope that it is resting peacefully up there with the Mighty One..

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Anonymous said...

hahaha, now you can post with your nick in my bloggie... hehehe


Gosh, I just love disturbing fiona!!