Thursday, September 21, 2017

Day 1 in Pho Land

Was missing and here once again. I am getting better at this disappearance act. 

My first view of the city before touchdown 

First day in Ho Chi Minh city. Thanks to the first trip to Phnom Penh in May, I had prepared myself for the traffic culture in Vietnam. One thing for sure, the people here are really good in maneuvering their vehicles under such congested conditions. Hats off to them! 

Amazed to see the Grab Bikes

Checked in to our humble abode for the next three nights. 

Miniature figurines wearing ao dais at the reception of the hotel. 

The most wonderful thing about the room?

It's not this but...


Can you see how many channels were available on TV? Not that I enjoy staying in the room watching TV all day but the variety of channels just blew my mind.

First stop: Ben Thanh Market

It was drizzling slightly so umbrella came to the rescue. Sadly, I lost the heroic umbrella later in the evening due to my clumsiness. :(

Bought something for someone's special day at the market. I stopped myself from looking at more goods as there would be more opportunities to get better bargains at the night market nearby, maybe tomorrow or the day after. 
Colourful sticky rice spotted outside the market. Cheerful colours. 
Yet to get a taste of pho yet but my tastebuds were pampered with other wonderful dishes native to Vietnam at the start of my first evening here. 

Dining on this fish-shaped ship. Never did I know it would also swim away halfway through our dinner. 

A couple of highlights from the chow time. 

The first dish was so good that my camera did not have the opportunity to feast on it. I was famished, probably. 

Some chicken and coconut cakes with fried rice wrapped in egg

This bowl of bitter gourd soup and noodles reminded me of the koay teow soup from Cambodia. I added lime to bring back the familiar taste. So appetising. 

A performance that keeps me holding my breath, fearing a single breath would jeopardise her balancing of glasses on the sword. 

Just enjoy looking at the lights

Another floating restaurant on a ship called Tau Sai Gon. Wish I could be there too. 

A while later, we took a stroll at Walking Street. I was a bit tired so there were not many photos taken. 

The City Hall

Mr. Ho Chi Minh

Tried to take a selfie with him but I looked invisible. Bad skill, so I gave up. 

Interesting coffee shops seemingly stacked up like Jenga

There were some street performances. Even spotted Kungfu Panda in a rush. Probably he was late for his training with Master Wuguai. Hmm... 

Beautiful lights in Saigon Garden. I guess it is a popular hangout spot for young people with some modern tea places for catch up sessions among friends. Cool place. 

Brain tired to think more. Will update more when I have the willpower to do so. 

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Kuching - Day 1

Been absent for a month or so. My procrastination hits once again. Travelled quite a bit during the start of the Rooster Year and before the spring festival ends, final destination to the Land of Hornbill to spend some quality time with family.

First stop of the day was to the immigration office located at Jalan Simpang Tiga, about 5km from where we were staying. 

I have never seen such barriers specifically to block cars but allow motorcycles to pass through. Only in Kuching? 

The Spring Shopping Mall is just a stone's throw away from the immigration office. Spent some time there window shopping.

If you have a keen eye, you could see I am modelling with a stick of spiral fries. Not exactly window shopping as mentioned earlier because I bought some spiral fries at the basement. Impulsive buy but definitely worth it.

Lunch time at Rock Road Seafood Restaurant was quite awesome. 

Midin vege, grows abundantly in this part of Malaysia. 

Chicken in brown sauce. The sauce was somewhat addictive when eaten with rice.

Brinjal (or aubergine as learnt by the young people born in the 90s) with minced meat with bits of mushroom and savoury gravy. Another great accompaniment with the rice. Totally yummy. 

Eunice's craze. Crab in black pepper and honey sauce. Too sweet for my liking but the crab was fleshy and fresh. 

Total damage was less than RM150 for four persons. Worth coming back again. 

As we left the restaurant, we caught sight of this. 

This is how a local parks the car. Make sure the car is parked in between the space. It probably is a domino effect from the previous few cars in front which are parked the similar way. 

I suspect the lunch had a sleep-inducing effect on me as I was knocked out for a couple of hours after we returned home. 

Soon, it was chow time again. A dinner I have been looking forward to. 

Original recipe from Klang.

Dry bak kut teh served steaming with a bowl of rice. Came here all the way to eat something from Klang. Hahaha... 

Time for bed soon. I should stop here for now. Night!

Monday, January 09, 2017

110 Shades of Blue

It was an amazing reunion with high school darlings during the 110th anniversary dinner of Main Convent Ipoh on 7 January at WEIL Hotel. Still the wackiest bunch. Keep this up, and we will never age a day in years to come. 

Note of caution:
You will see lots of blue ahead so if you don't like the colour, please skip this post entirely. :P

Most of us who had been waiting for this moment to get together since end of August last year. We made it! 

It was regretful that some of us could not join us that evening. We should really plan another one exclusively for '05 batch soon. 

The peaceful ballroom before the crazy girls murdered the silence with our laughter and non-stop chatters.

Girls in blue with the blue backdrop

Blue cocktail table

Blue refreshment. Not my fondest kind of taste. 

Donned in ao dai for the grand old lady's 110th birthday. 

After this event, I will lock it up for an indefinite number of years before I have the chance to wear it again. Or I might put on so much weight that I could only look at it forlornly regretting what my gluttony had cost me. 

Food is not the focus in this event. It's the people. 

From left: Shu Xuan, Jia Min, Li Shen, Chin Hwa, Petrina, Yi Kuan, Shatirah

Congratulations once again to Shatirah on her wedding recently!

The Lee sisters in almost the same shade of blue.  

From left: Amy, Yi Kuan, Pui Yee and Faridza

From left: Shatirah, Yi Kuan, Chee Ching, Shu Xuan

From left: Purushothini, Yi Kuan, Maple, Mabel

Mei Yann and me

Wei Li, the brainy and class rep. Also my add math tutor during one of the school holidays once. So, so glad to meet you again!

On the yellow carpet with Shatirah before the arrival of the Sultanah 

We are just so in love with the yellow carpet. 

With the iconic backdrop for the evening

A photo with Mr. Phuah, my Physics teacher way back in Form 4 and 5. I was always bugging him those two years because of the challenge I had with this subject. Hahaha...

Another shot with the girls. 

I met a twin from Vietnam! Thanks to Amy for the lovely shot. 

Happy birthday once again! 

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Happy 2017!

Happy new year, everyone! 2016 has passed by as swiftly as it came. I just want to wish everyone a blessed 365 days. Correction: Technically, remaining 363 days as this post came late.

As usual, new year resolutions are not my forte and I shall just live my life in the moment till 2018 comes along. 

Here are some stroopwafels to whet your appetite on the third day of twenty seventeen. 

My breakfast on this spectacular morning

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Stolen Moment - A crime I can't resist

Being at work caused my neglecting of this poor blog. That's why I am here now, stealing another secret moment away from the other commitments I am supposed to be attending to. Caressing this blank template with the gentle tap of each carefully thought of alphabets which mean something when harmoniously strung together with spaces in between. Does it even make sense? Sometimes, my mind wanders to Nothingness, a place where absolutely nothing exists, somewhere even words fail to reach so I just come up with the first sentence that comes to my fingers - maybe it comes from my brain after all. How else would my fingers know which alphabet to type first?

So what do I want to say? There is no particular topic to write about, unless you would like to know my daily routine from Monday to Friday, which is a copy of one another, week after week. Weekends are more interesting, sometimes, if I decide to stay away from hibernation. With music plugged in my ears, I am inspired to write a short story. Something dark, something funny with a hint of mystery perhaps? Let me mull over it for a period of time before I share it here. If it really happens, I might consider to do more stories.

The urgency of reality has awoken me. Here is when I have to say goodbye for now.