Thursday, December 10, 2009

Teluk Batik day trip

Went for a trip to Teluk Batik and it was pretty uneventful although some things happened on the way and after. People getting lost, anger and bickerings are things that cannot possibly be avoided when so many people are involved in a trip. But we enjoyed ourselves nevertheless.

The moment we reached, I could not help taking out my humble 1.3 megapixel camera and took some pictures.

Not too bad, eh? This was snapped in the morning around 10.27pm. Looked more like taken in the evening.

I love this shot the most. It has some sort of artistic feeling to it, don't ya think so? Ju Dee was posing for Patricia to snap her photo.

I can't believe I set foot at Teluk Batik for the first time. Time to immortalize the moment in this pic. My feet slowly buried by the sand as the waves slapped the beach.

Clear water but too bad it was contaminated with rubbish by the tourists.

Standard picture of Ju Dee and me

The trio that is never apart. In college, I mean.

Everyone doing their own stuffs - sand-watching, sand-playing....

This was when I sat on the tube for the first time. Screaming for the first time.

Then, Patricia joined me in 'boating'. Quite fun when I get the hang of it (to sit still so that the tube does not topple over)

The girls in HND

Us again

The next destination was to Lumut and we did some shopping and then we ate seafood at Villa Seafood Restaurant at Sitiawan.

The pictures of each dish are snapped by Ju Dee. She's the official photographer for every trip.


Steamed fish. Ju Dee cleared it.

Sizzling tofu

Fried oysters


Crabs. Yummy!

Chicken (This dish is the odd one out. For your information, no chickens live in the sea.)

Good job to the photographer for making each individual dish looks so apppetizing! The whole meal only costs RM16.50 per person. There were 20 of us.

4 wrote a note:

Joanna said...

You look really pretty in the pics ! The screaming one's SO CUTE! :P Yummy food toooooo .... slurp slurp

Jean said...

must be a great place

A smile from SJ =)

Fiona said...

@joanna: wow thanks.. haha.. yup. the food was yummylicious!

Fiona said...

@SJ: yup. it's a good place for relaxation...