Tuesday, December 08, 2009

International Cuisine at Keris Cafe

RM15 worth of food is still swimming in my tummy now. Thank you Shinystar for treating me this wonderful meal. So tell me what you want for Christmas? I treat you at Indulgence, okay? Hehehehe....

Keris Cafe offered International Cuisine today. Don't really know what International Cuisine is all about? Never mind, I don't know either. But the pictures should be able to tell something, eh?

Lychee Syrup with Strawberry Cordial

Cheddar Barley Mushroom Soup ...

(inside the soup: cheddar cheese, barley and mushrooms all mixed together in perfect harmony)

... with Black Sesame Sweet Bun

(also known as Bih Tong's bun. She made those bread.)

Pan Fried Chicken with Peanut Butter Sauce
(accompanied with Pilaf rice and mixed vegetables/beans in that matter)

I had no idea peanut butter sauce would taste so good. I initially thought that it'll be weird. I was so wrong. I LOVE THE PILAF RICE!!! So fragrant and absolutely mouth-watering.

Last but not least,

Pittaya Roll

(Courtesy of Nick. He should just go become a dessert chef.)

For more pictures, head over to Ju Dee's post. She has snapped some pictures of the deco of the cafe as well as Dixon in his angelic outfit!

P.S. Ju Dee fetched me home today and I really thank the Lord for making the rain stop just for me to get down. Not long after that, the rain started pouring heavily like before. I love you, Lord!

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Joanna said...

OH YUM !!!! I want too i want too :P

Unknown said...

WOW! such a mouth watering cuisine