Monday, July 06, 2009

Broken toenail

The thunderstorm yesterday morning had caused Crystle to have an accident. She bled. At first we had no idea where the blood came from and we checked everywhere but could not find any wounded area. Not until just now, when I was rechecking for the wound that I found the source of all the blood stains on tiles.

It was her broken toenail. The nail is nowhere to be found and the quick is now exposed and looking so vulnerable. I have washed and dripped some antiseptic medicine onto the wounded part but now she is treating me like an enemy, running and hiding away from my sight. I came across this article when I was browsing for first aid to broken dog toenails and it's pretty useful.

She is now licking her wounded paw and I know it must be painful. If I have the car, I would send her to the vet right now.


Had sent Crystle to the vet and she has to take some medications. Get well soon, honey.

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