Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy yet interesting day.

Today's morning class was so silent as there were only five of us (Suren, Christina, Kailash, Kevin and me). Apparently the other girls have their own reasons for not being able to turn up. It just feels so weird without you guys in class. So I ate lunch with miss, Pek Wan and Mr. Foong. Our option for lunch today was the porridge opposite the college.

I love porridge. <3

As soon as it came, I snapped this picture to show Ju Dee, Pat and Bih Tong what they had missed. There were three kinds of eggs inside; chicken, duck and century.

Then miss asked me to take the chopsticks away so that I can snap a better picture.

Nah! Here it is!

Thin slices of ginger in the midst of the eggs.

The afternoon class was hilarious as Suren came up with this brilliant idea to make a face-to-face comparison between Kailash and the president of U.S., Obama.

Can you spot the difference?

We have the U.S. president (too bad it's only a replica though=P) in class!

By the way, Kailash said his house is white so that means his house is the White House!

I think we should get back to serious studying before our minds go crazy.

Dear Bih Tong,

I will definitely miss your presence in class. I have never thought
that the present that you are going to give me for my 21st would be your absence. We must meet up for lunch. We definitely must.

Your so-called human dictionary who knows few words to say to you,

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Nic said...

yr your porridge look
so good geh~
where the shop at~
i wanna eat leh~~
feel delicious so much~
if u see my comment
reply mein msn ya ~ hehe~
thx ya FIONA jiejie~