Saturday, March 01, 2008

an evening in the park..

So many evening walks, so many days, yet, it was only yesterday that I thought about snapping a photo of us taking the weirdoG out in the park.

Crystle enjoyed herself. So did we.


Crys is always not paying attention to the camera. She got tired of the annoying lens after so many forced-photos taken earlier. LOL!

Eunice pulled her ears, gently whispered to her, 'You better listen well and be a good girl or else, you won't be able to listen anymore. Hahaha...!!'

Crystle then forced a smile because she wants to listen to more music and don't want to lose her ears. =D

Another shot:

Smile or say goodbye to your throat!

Again, she's forced to be happy in the photo.

P/S: I didn't kill Crystle. She is still alive and looking forward to the next evening walk. I hope I won't be meeting perverted male dogs which will attempt to rape her. The last time it happened, I had to run for her life!

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